“MIND DRILLER” is a project formed in late 2011 by Javier Oriente as artistic director, ex guitarist of “BLOOD”, and brings together a team in which: V-Stone, Estefanía Aledo and Daniel N.Q. are the lead vocalists, Pharaoh is the bass player, and Carlos Esteve Mas is the drummer.
“Mind Driller” plays a powerful and varied industrial metal.

In 2012 released their first studio album called "Red Industrial" in wich the composition, recording and production, was done by Javier Oriente with the help of the whole band. The album was remastered in "Mastersound" studios in Germany by Alex Krull (Atrocity, Leave’s Eyes). This album has been published and distributed by Mutant-e Records.

At first, this work was not intended to play live shows, it was just a personal studio album of Javier Oriente, but after the great receive of their first followers, the band works to go on stage with dates already closed and the imminent release of their videoclip "Dark Thoughts".

The influences of Mind Driller include all types of Industrial, electronic and metal.

After the first dates, the impressive staging and quality of their live shows are widely accepted by the public which is remarkable in national and even international press. Throughout the year of 2013 and part of 2014, Mind Driller performed an extensive tour around the national scene called "Red Industrial Tour" through the main cities of Spain halls and even some dates in France.

In 2015, Mind Driller is located in the release of their second album ZIRKUS, which has followed the same pattern recording, production and mastering that Red Industrial, and are already preparing the new tour which will also visit German lands to present this new work.

Currently the band is on tour "Zirkus" and working on a new video clip, and also on a third album, which will be released in late 2017



Mutant-e Records:
tlf- 657941676